Pew Internet Reports Difference Woman Men Internet Use


Differences between men and women are even found in their use of the Internet. According to PEWInternet who released a report which finds that “men value the Internet for the breadth of experiences it offers, and women value it for the human connections.”

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This statement is backed up by their findings that men have a higher intensity of Internet usage with more time spent online and men are more likely than women to try the latest technology. Men are more avid consumers of finding information online with a wide range of interests (from financial to political news).


Women on the other hand, spend more time online deepening relationships with people. They use email and the Internet more as a communications tool. Their online information gathering on personal time tends to be related to health and religion, but consider the array of information as a “glut.”  For business, searching and use activities for business there is little to non difference in use or interest.


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