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Author & Consultant Margaret Ross 


Casey and The Amazing Giant Green Shirt

Casey and the Amazing Giant Green Shirt

Casey and Amazing Giant Green Shirt



“You are holding in your hands a living classic. Never have I read a children’s book so packed with education, entertainment and motivation. Every page has a lesson on patriotism and character building.”

“It is truly tremendous and young and old are doing to love it…”  Charles E Jones, Best Selling Author of “Life is Tremendous






Casey and The See Through Head 

Casey and the See Though Head

Casey and The See Through Head












Was Casey dreaming? Did it really happen? Find out here!

The last thing Casey expected to wake up with this morning, writes children’s author, Margaret Ross, is a case of “See Through Head.  It was really scary….Things and thoughts that had always stayed on the inside of his head were magically appearing outside his head.  Uh-Oh! And to make it worse, it might be highly contagious.