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More: How to teach your child reading skills. Why reading bedtime stories works. How children benefit by being read to. Parenting teacher tips from author, consultant Margaret Ross, Kamaron Institute.


Benefits of Reading to Children’s Success


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Raising a child who loves to read
is one of the most life giving gifts a parent can provide
Want your child to have a lifetime competitive edge?
Here’s how.

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Margaret Ross:
I love to read.  My sleep shirt proclaims
so many books, so little time.
The credit for my lifelong love of reading
rightly rests with my parents.
The blame for my bizarre early reading style
rests squarely with them too.
I arrived in kindergarten able to read
upside down and backwards.
Today, I might be labeled with a learning disability
and sent off for testing,
back then, watching me turn the book upside down to read
my teacher simply asked, how did you learn to do that?
Mom gave me paper and crayons to occupy me as she sat
across the table with my older brother and sister
and helped them with their homework.

While they learned their lessons, I was learning to read.

Five things my parents did right to raise a Reader

1. They read to me
2. They read with me
3. They talked about the things they were reading
4. They hooked me up to all the free stuff
5. They set reading standards and enforced them.

What you can do regularly to encourage Reading

1. Spend quality time with your child reading.
Enjoy all the books, bedtime stories aren’t just for
bedtime anymore.
2. Cuddling up with your child and a good book
helps your child learn to read and to think.
Plus the hugs help learning too.
Your car trip doesn’t require a DVD
bring along good books to aloud and
listen to good books on CD.
3. Let your child see you read.
Create a home environment where we all read, all the time.
4. Get each child a library card
and assign trips to the library the same importance
and frequency as trips to the grocery store.
5. Set family reading standards and enforce them.
You don’t want your child eating dirt and
you don’t want them reading trash.


Set family reading standards and have clear
consequences for bad behavior.
Monitor actions, hold yourself accountable to the same
standards you set for your children.
Raising your child to be a reader is an amazing
accomplishment plus it’s powerfully, positive parenting


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