Lesson Language Arts, Life Skills

Master level teacher, Knight elementary, eliminated all discipline issues using Positive Label Program from Kamaron Institute. Morning  meeting sets tone. Case study zero discipline issues in this classroom.


Character Education Lesson Plan:  Language Arts, Life Skills

>> LISA:  Hello, I’m Lisa Wangsness, a Knight Elementary
Teaching Team Representative for the significantly
development delayed class.

The activity I’m going to highlight for you is called
Morning Meeting which is part of our schedule each day.
This activity supports the Knight Team’s Positive
Label Program and Language Arts Skills.

I created this strategy for my students
to build their vocabulary and teach them how to speak
in complete sentences and while developing the life skills
of cooperation and always looking for the good in others.
Most importantly we began each day making everyone feel
valued by their peers.
>> Student: Thank you.
>> Fellow Students: You’re welcome.
>> LISA: You are all so polite, Oh, I just love hearing all those
good manners.

How To Steps: Classroom Lesson Plan

Ms Wagness: We use a poster with a list of positive words
my classes have created over the past few years
The list has grown as the children discover new words
to encourage each other.
This activity begins with the children taking turns to
come up to the front of the class and receive a positive
label from one of their classmates.
I ask all the children to look at that child and think of
all the good things we like about him.
They raise their hands to show that they have a positive
word to give him.
I or that child chooses one person to be his good finder.
That child states the positive word he has chosen
using a complete sentence.

>> Student: She is amazing.

>> LISA: She is amazing and what does that mean.
I ask the child what the positive word means
and then the child points to that word on the chart
and spells it for me to write on a label.
I place the positive label on the left side
emphasizing that this word will make his heart feel
happy all day.

I thought it would, everybody look up here
and let’s all tell Kayla, Kayla you are amazing.

>> Kayla: Thank you.

>> Fellow Students: You’re welcome.

>> LISA: You guys are so polite.
The class then says in unison, then tells him he is
that positive word.  Since we are polite the child says
thank you and the class responds with you’re welcome.
This daily activity has made such a difference in our
classroom every year, regardless of the types of students
I may have.  I no longer need any other type of discipline
program or classroom management system.
The children are simply rewarded with positive, encouraging
words by their teachers and peers whenever they are being
The children themselves love using the positive words.
It is truly an amazing program because it has made such
a difference in Language Arts Skills and personal social
skills for these children.

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