Everyday Hero, School Board Gwinnett County

School leadership case study. School board superintendent results and importance of Kamaron Institute educational programs for schools, families, school buses.

Everyday Hero Interview:  School Board President and Margaret Ross

>> MS. LOUISE RADLOFF, Presdient Gwinnett County GA Board of Education

Margaret, it’s been my pleasure.
I think the program (Kamaron Character Education, Bullying Prevention Program) is absolutely necessary
to be in our schools.  Knight Elementary among a few others Gwinnett County schools have taken
the lead on this.  I hope that by seeing it other schools will come on board.  I think as
far as the community, as far as the bus drivers, I think all of the employees of the district
including the families, who support public education, would support my thinking that this
program is number one.

Margaret Ross, Founder Kamaron Institute

Thank you Ms. Radloff


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