Teenagers: Actions- Back off Brands, Read News, Spend Parents $


If parents and the general population finds themselves concerned about teen’s reading habits.. according to one recent research study, teens are reading newspapers, and spending their own and their parents money.

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In a study done by Teenage Research Unlimited for the Newspaper Association of America, they found that teens do read newspapers—54% spent on or more hours reading one last week. The study also shows the importance of this market group and understanding the area of expanding growth.


With 46% of teens (12-17) expecting to spend more money, rather than 15% expecting to spend less money, over the next year. Teens say they spend $74 a week (money of their own and their parents’ money), with an average of $73 spent on their last online purchase.  One other interesting trend is that teens used to have wear completely brand names, now they feel one expensive item in their ensemble works.