About Margaret Ross, Kamaron Institute

Margaret S. Ross , President Kamaron Institute, Inc.

The Kamaron Institute – Accelerating Business and Education.

Margaret Ross says, “The Kamaron Institute  provides business consulting , executive training, leadership development services and educational programs.  It is the home of the Kamaron Concepts and the Kamaron KC3 Positive Label Programs,” notes Margaret S Ross.

MISSION: To positively impact the way the world thinks.

The Kamaron Institute's publishing division, Kamaron Press, is the publisher for “Making Business Work” Inside Secrets of Success This is a pocket-sized MBA program for the real world. It demystifies business jargon and puts the focus where it belongs – on making a profit.

Margaret Ross wrote the first Casey story as a gift to military families. Ross created the National KC3 Positive Label Certification Programs (for school, bus, home, and after school programs) and wrote these new Casey stories at the request of educators, parents, and helping professionals.