The Afternoon Yawns…

Unless you are one of those rare individuals, you probably experience the “afternoon dip.”  Most people do experience this after lunch some time however some feel it more than others.  Many workers may feel some guilt, thinking they are lazy for getting tired in the afternoon.  But it is a fact that most do experience the strong urge to just go to sleep in the afternoon.

The key is learning to manage it.  Some can take a quick 20 minute “power nap” and feel refreshed and ready to work.  Others need more time and a long nap isn't possible.  So some look to the good old fashion coffee for the answer.  That works for some.  Others may get up and move around and some even slip off to the gym during this time.  But not everyone's schedule allows for that.  The real key is finding what works for you.  Don't try to ignore it or think you are lazy.  Just figure out a solution.

One piece of advice that this article from The New York Times gives is to not work on your toughest projects during this time.  This is a great time to work on things that don't require as much focus.  Maybe just arranging your to-do-list and schedule will be the answer you need.

There is some great information on this matter on the The New York Times website.  You can read the complete article at:

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Boomers From Zero To Sixty And Still Making History


By sheer force of their numbers in the population boomers impact each area of business and lifestyle that touches them. Boomers redefine each life stage and reinvent the lifestyle to fit their own definition.

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The Pew Research Center finds in a recent survey, that as the “oldest of the nation’s 75 million baby boomers approach and enter 60s, 50% were raising one or more young children and/or providing primary financial support to one or more adult children….”  In addition to that, 20% are providing assistance for a parent and 13% of those are also supporting a child as well.  These changing demographics are “sandwiching” the baby boomer generation between their parents and children, longer than in previous generations.


For many their own children are returning home at the same time aging parents need financial and health assistance…


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Parent Tips Healthy Easter For Kids and Family

Beware Easter over eating.  Easter is expected to generate $1.82 billion in candy sales and is second only to Halloween in candy consumption. Dietitians warn that eating five candy Easter eggs (the average given to most children), plus the other candies usually included in the basket, could see youngsters doubling their recommended calorie intake for a week. You could see your child’s weight increasing by several pounds within days. The recommended daily calorie amounts are around 2,000 calories a day for an average 11-year-old boy and 1,500 for a girl, but many could be eating up to 10,000 calories over the Easter period. Plan your calorie burning kid play now.

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For parents worried that their children might eat too much Easter candy, some experts suggest adding non-edible items to Easter baskets: book, crayons, movie passes,  sports cards, kids' videos, colorful stickers, markers, chalk, stuffed animals or balls.



Children aren’t the only ones at risk. Easter candy can knock your healthy eating plans right off the bunny trail, too. Chocolate might be the biggest culprit, because it is so high in fat. For someone seeking fat loss this Easter season, perhaps the worst thing to find in their basket would be a chocolate treat like the Palmer Chocolate Bunny (2.5 oz.). The recommended serving size is 1 package (71 grams), which will cost an astounding 360 calories, 20 grams fat (31% Daily Value), 12 grams saturated fat (60% Daily Value), and 46 grams carbohydrate (15% Daily Value). And you face the additional challenge of eating only one.


 A healthy alternative to consuming chocolate eggs can be to join in the hunt for colored eggs. One solution this Easter is to join in the Easter egg hunt with the kids. According to calories per hour, a 170 pound woman will burn approximately 116 calories in 30 minutes of hiding Easter eggs, and another 154 calories in just 30 minutes of egg-hunting. So, hop to it. Have some active fun

Laughter Helps You Live Longer Say Scientists

Laughter has health benefits according to a recent study. With that news in mind let’s talk about laughter's link to wellness.  A Norwegian researcher reported that laughter might help you live longer.  What he said the study determined is that adults with a sense of humor outlive those without one, based on a study of 54,000 Norwegians.

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  • The greater a role humor played in their lives, the greater their chances of surviving the seven years.
  • Adults who scored in the top one-quarter for humor appreciation were 35% more likely to be alive than those in the bottom quarter.
  • Study took into account health, age, sex, lifestyle and other things that could affect survival.

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