Boomers From Zero To Sixty And Still Making History


By sheer force of their numbers in the population boomers impact each area of business and lifestyle that touches them. Boomers redefine each life stage and reinvent the lifestyle to fit their own definition.

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The Pew Research Center finds in a recent survey, that as the “oldest of the nation’s 75 million baby boomers approach and enter 60s, 50% were raising one or more young children and/or providing primary financial support to one or more adult children….”  In addition to that, 20% are providing assistance for a parent and 13% of those are also supporting a child as well.  These changing demographics are “sandwiching” the baby boomer generation between their parents and children, longer than in previous generations.


For many their own children are returning home at the same time aging parents need financial and health assistance…


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Reference Books For Doing Business Globally

Global business is expanding and exploding.  A perfect example is China that has become on of the worlds fastest growing economies.   The need to understand cultures and communication is every bit as important as having the right sources for your product lines.  If you think it’s time to do some reading, Christoper Liechty works all over the world and recently shared his personal reading list.  Each book will add to your knowledge of doing business within different cultures.




The books are:


Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference by Craig Storti


Designing Across Cultures: How to Create Effective Graphics for Diverse Ethnic Groups by Ronnie Lipton


Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in Sixty Countries by Terri Morrison, Wayne Conway and George Borden


Dun & Bradstreet’s Guide to Doing Business Around the World (ISBN 0735201080, out of print) by Terri Morrison, Wayne Conway and Joseph Douress



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